Official announcement! IPhone 11 officially debuts on September 11th, bigger battery, stronger waterproof

The theme of this invitation is "To Innovation" and it is accompanied by a colorful Apple Logo.

This should mean that the new iPhone will have a colorful color scheme. The blue, yellow, and red iPhone XR are already in the middle. Will green and purple be added this year?

The possibilities are very high. A few days ago, a Foxconn employee broke the news: dark green will become the main color of the new iPhone, with matte texture back cover, the finished product is very stunning.

From the renderings, it's really pretty.

As for the gradient color that has been buzzing in recent days, it has been proven that it is just a concept map created by foreign designers.

In terms of naming, it was previously reported that the successor to the iPhone XS will be named iPhone XI (Roman numeral 11).

However, according to the latest news, the three new iPhones will be named or returned to Arabic numerals, with "Pro" as the suffix.

They are an upgraded version of iPhone XR-iPhone 11, an upgraded version of iPhone XS-iPhone 11 Pro, and an upgraded version of iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Which is the name of this ghost ... Will the new iPhone be called iPhone 11S Pro Max next year?

If there is a special edition, is it called iPhone 11S Pro Max Plus? I hope this breaking news is wrong, otherwise I will get bored writing articles later.

The front designs of the three new iPhones haven't changed much. They are still big bangs and horse racing frames.

However, according to Bloomberg, this year's new iPhone will be equipped with a new FaceID module, which can perform "multi-angle scanning" and better face recognition capabilities. Even if the phone is placed on the desktop, you can unlock it.

On the back, the camera becomes the biggest upgrade point of the three new iPhones.

The main camera will use a larger CMOS, with two other lenses and a new algorithm, each photo will record three photos at the same time.

According to Bloomberg News: Apple will greatly improve the new iPhone ’s ability to shoot in low light and video recording capabilities. You can make real-time retouches, color corrections, recompositions, etc. of the video, which is best for shooting vlogs.

As for the iPhone 11, the treatment is much worse. Compared with the "Pro" series, there is one less ultra-wide-angle lens, and the main camera may use the current sensor.

In response to the crooked Yuba arrangement that has caused everyone's ridicule, according to rumors, Apple will use "black mirror coating technology" so that the rectangular lens arrangement does not look too abrupt.

To be honest, the new iPhone doesn't look so ugly if it looks like the picture below.

In addition to the above news, this year's new iPhone also has the following highlights:

1. The front camera may be upgraded from the current 7 million pixels to 12 million pixels;

2.The waterproof performance will be stronger than the current iPhone's IP68;

3. The 3D Touch function will be removed and replaced by Haptic Touch, which has been used on the iPhone XR for one year;

4. Added wireless reverse charging, you can charge AirPods with wireless charging box on the back of the phone to charge;

5. "Pro" series models may be equipped with 18W "quick charge", but the iPhone 11 standard charger is still 5V1A;

6. The batteries of the three new iPhones will increase by 20%, 10%, and 2% respectively, reaching 3200mAh, 3500mAh, and 3000mAh;

7. The AI   performance of the A13 bionic chip will be 3-5 times that of A12, which is expected to reach 20 trillion operations per second;

8. The three new iPhones will still use Intel baseband, and none of them support 5G networks.

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