Is Samsung's new Galaxy Note 10 series worth buying? These 5 highlights may force you to take out your wallet

There has been a saying on the Internet: "Girlfriend's birthday can be forgotten, but mobile phones must not be forgotten!"
 Finally, with everyone's enthusiasm, Samsung launched the new Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ mobile phones at 8/7. Today ’s editor will directly reveal the 5 fascinating features of these two hot mobile phones. Is Samsung powder ready?

1. Massive storage space is comparable to a laptop

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is available in 256GB and 512GB capacity versions. It also comes with 12GB of RAM as standard and supports microSD expansion up to 1TB. As for the Note 10, there is currently only a single 256GB capacity, with 8GB RAM specifications, and does not support memory card expansion. In addition, both the Note 10+ and Note 10 use the UFS 3.0 flash memory specification, which makes transfer speeds faster and there is no delay in playing games.

2. No problem with electricity for 24 hours

This can effectively supply the power for a whole day, which is completely more durable than the gold X brand battery! The Galaxy Note 10+ battery can support up to 45W power. At the same time, both phones support wireless power sharing function. As long as compatible accessories are placed on the back of the phone, they can be charged directly. It is completely in the heart of 3C fans!

Place your friend's phone, your Galaxy Buds True Wireless Bluetooth Headset, or Qi-compatible device on the back of your phone for reverse charging without the need for a charging cable.

3. Camera pixels are close to monocular

Nowadays more and more people tend to use their mobile phones to record their lives, so camera pixels have become a prerequisite for buying mobile phones. The Galaxy Note 10 not only has a high pixel so that you can break through the glasses, but also supports powerful professional-level imaging technology. With a multi-lens system, you can edit immediately after shooting. The difference between the two phones is that the camera specifications of the Galaxy Note 10 are the first one after the third, but the Galaxy Note 10 + is the first one after the fourth, so the presentation of the depth of field function will also be different. In addition, the Galaxy Note 10+ also has an additional ToF lens with a 3D scanner function, which can be used to measure the distance to objects, as well as length and width. As long as this phone is available, novice rookie can directly shoot master-level photography!

4. The big screen makes you enjoy it

In fact, the Galaxy Note 10 + 's body size is quite close to the previous Galaxy Note 9, but the screen ratio is upgraded from 6.4 inches to 6.8 inches, so the "full screen" experience will be even more enhanced. Samsung also said that the initial launch of the two phones is expected to have a smaller screen, the Galaxy Note 10, which can attract users who like lightweight mobile phones and want to experience the new features of the S Pen. The Galaxy Note 10 has a large screen, battery and fast charge. + Was born to consolidate the lovers who have always supported them. The customized and intimate design also made this series well received by all parties.

5. Lazy Savior

In addition to the improved performance of the new Galaxy Note 10 series launched by Samsung this time, the most amazing 3C powder is the magic "S Pen". Both models have remote control functions. Users only need to press and hold the pen button with a specified gesture to easily switch the front and rear cameras, and even change the camera mode. The most important thing is that the S Pen remote control can also use gestures to select the linkage items by itself, so that the S Pen is like a magic wand, and can complete the specified action with a single wave, which greatly increases the fun in use.

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