iPhone 11 Pro Max review: can three cameras work? That's great!

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"Reality Distortion Field" comes from the science fiction movie "Star Trek": It is said that aliens can build a new world with spiritual power. Later, the word became a special ability of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs: People always said that he could make the outside world agree with his thoughts through expressive conversations and expressions.

After Jobs' death, presumably Apple's successors also inherited this super power, otherwise how can each generation let people ridicule to "really fragrant" and then can't wait to pay for it?

"Yuba" plot reversed

Since the end of last year, there are rumors that this generation of iPhone will use Yuba lens design. At that time, everyone thought it was a spoof. Later, there are more and more rumors. The social network has come to N groups of ridicule. Most people (including myself) think that this style is absolutely unacceptable, and vowed that if this is the case Definitely no longer bought.

Back to this review and this phone, the 2019 iPhone is indeed true, but it is not exactly the same as the rumor. Many mobile phone renderings are not the same as real machine graphics. The iPhone's real machine is still more beautiful than the renderings. The important reason is that Apple has always been exquisite workmanship and at any cost.

As we all know, the iPhone 11 Pro series is not the first mobile phone designed with Yuba, but its glass back processing technology has not been used by other manufacturers before. Apple calls it "glass shaping," by grinding off the entire glass and leaving the rectangle of the lens part. The process is similar to the processing of the volcanic camera of the iPhone 7 series, which is time-consuming and requires high technology.

Moreover, only in this way can a rectangular lens group be placed in the upper right corner instead of the middle, otherwise a square hole is opened at this position, and the right edge of the glass material is easy to crack.

Apple used frosted glass to create an advanced texture for the iPhone 11 Pro series. This frosting process has actually been seen by many people. Touching the touchpad of the MacBook, the touch is almost the same. The processing technology of this generation of glass has also been upgraded, and it is more resistant to drop than the previous generation. For this reason, Apple also shot a commercial for it. However, we still recommend users who often drop their phones to buy a phone case, after all, it is still glass.

Because the camera module became larger, the Apple logo was also placed in the middle of the fuselage. For the sake of visual harmony, even the bottom iPhone word was removed. The legendary reverse charging function at the back logo did not appear (there is also an unconfirmed statement that reverse charging is blocked), which is a little regrettable.

The iPhone can create a glorious tradition of popular colors every year. This time, Midnight Green has unexpectedly become the most sought-after color. It is this color that is the fastest out of stock on Mid-Autumn Night.

After receiving the evaluation machine, we showed it to colleagues who had previously complained about Yuba's design. 90% of the people who had previously participated in vomiting said OK. It can also be seen from the list of friends on the Mid-Autumn Festival night that it is probably that Apple's realistic twisting force field has exerted its power again. The Yuba design has once again changed from a slot to an advantage, just like the previous Liu Haier. Turning the plot has become the hallmark of the new iPhone.

The bad news is that the iPhone is heavier this time. Compared with the iPhone 11 Pro, the 5.8-inch iPhone XS has increased weight from 177 to 188 grams, and has sunk 11 grams. The 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max is compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Increased weight from 208 grams to 226 grams, sinking 18 grams.

I used to be a XS Max user, and I like thick phone cases. I have become accustomed to 250g phones. But if I have been using iPhone 7 or 6s, I would feel heavy when choosing 11 Pro Max.

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